The Sian Ka’an and Punta Allen excursion offers you the opportunity to travel by boat through the mangroves of the protected natural reserve; dive in a true paradise called the Sian Ka’an Pool and snorkel in the second longest reef in the world.
In addition, you will also visit Punta Allen, a very interesting fishing village surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. Unlike other agencies, with Exotik Mayan Tours, you will make the most of the time of the excursion thanks to our powerful boats that will allow us to get to know the area in depth.

First stop: Sian Ka'an Reserve

The Sian Ka’an excursion begins at your hotel or lodge. After picking you up -or picking you up if you are a group- we will head to Tulum, our starting point. From there, we will begin the boat tour through the mangroves of Sian Ka’an. Our agency is characterized by offering tours with few people so that the service is the best, so in the boat will go a maximum of 6 people. The Sian Ka’an reserve is a protected natural area declared a World Heritage Site, an area of wild jungle characterized by hundreds of mangroves inhabited by hundreds of species of wild birds that you will discover on the day of the tour.

Second stop: Punta Allen

We continue our excursion to Sian Ka’an in Punta Allen, a characteristic fishing village, where we will change boats to begin a second exciting adventure. We will go deep into the Caribbean Sea in search of dolphins and manta rays, follow the giant sea turtles until we see them come up alongside us to breathe and, sea conditions permitting, swim around the second longest reef in the world.
After this expedition it’s time to relax with a swim in a true paradise of the Riviera Maya, known as: Sian Ka’an Natural Pool.
Afterwards, whoever wishes, in addition to the delicious meal included in the tour, can enjoy a freshly caught grilled lobster*. The day will end with a walk through the quiet and picturesque fishing village of Punta Allen. From there, we will take the boat to tour the canals of the Sian Ka’an Reserve again and sail back to Tulum.
* (Lobster subject to availability and during the months of July to February, not included in the tour price).








10  hours


  • Transfers from the hotel with a small group.
  • They are air-conditioned.

  • Bilingual adventure guide.
  • Boat for 6 people touring the Sian Ka’an Reserve from Tulum to Punta Allen.
  • Snorkel in the Coral Reef (if conditions are favorable).
  • Full snorkeling equipment.
  • Swimming in “La Piscina”.
  • Possible sightings of birds, dolphins, turtles, manatees and crocodiles.
  • Juice, fruit and sweet bread in the morning.
  • Combination dish with fish, chicken, rice and beverages.
  • IMPORTANT: for safety reasons, babies from 0 to 2 years old are not allowed on the excursion. From 3 years and older pay as a child.
  • NOT INCLUDED: Sian Ka’an Reserve bracelet of 5 euros per person.
  • ITINERARY: Tulum – Sian Ka’an Reserve – Snorkel – Swimming pool – Punta Allen – Tulum.


  • Sandals or flip-flops.
  • Bathing suit, towel, sunglasses, cap or hat.
  • Biodegradable sunscreen and mosquito repellent cream.
  • Camera.


If the cancellation is made more than 48 hours prior to departure, there will be no penalty.

If it occurs in a shorter period, there will be a penalty of 50% of the excursion amount, since it would be very difficult for us to make up for these places and we would have to bear the costs related to transportation, guide and reservation of certain places on the excursions.





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    All reviews have been written by real customers who have booked with us.

    January 30, 2023
    Read More
    Once again I would like to comment on the excellence of the guide Abraham and the staff that accompanied us during the boat tour: totally professional and above all very friendly.
    October 22, 2023
    Read More
    It was the excursion I was least expecting and most pleasantly surprised by. Very well organized, and driving the jeep through those places is an experience. The snorkel is amazing, you can see everything beautifully. Also, Genaro, the guide, was a lot of fun. A highly recommended excursion.
    3 August 2023
    Read More
    What an excursion! Undoubtedly the highlight of the vacation in Mexico. The 4×4 incredible, almost two hours of travel with beautiful views and with a crocodile showing up. The boats were spectacular, we were able to see dolphins and several turtles. The natural pool is incredible. The guide, Lea, was attentive at all times and very friendly. Highly recommended

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      *For Xcaret and Xel Ha excursions up to 4 years old, you will only pay 15 dollars for transportation, the entrance fees to the parks are free.

    Our excursion agency is known for leaving very early in the morning to be the first to arrive at the archaeological sites.
    Early in the morning there are hardly any people and it is much less hot, so arriving early you will certainly be able to take the best pictures of the day. You will notice that when we leave the ruins a lot of people start to enter.

    In Spain the exchange rate from euro to Mexican peso is usually very low, both in banks and at the airport exchange houses. The best place to find it is in Playa del Carmen on Quinta Avenida. In the hotels you will also be able to change money and the exchange rate will be a little lower than in Playa del Carmen. If you are planning to go to Playa del Carmen you can take advantage of it. If you are not going to change much, it is not really worth going specifically to change, you can do it at the hotel.

    The Riviera Maya is Mexico’s tourist destination par excellence and a major destination for tourists from all over the world, which is why maintaining tourist safety in this state is fundamental for the government.

    Our advice is that you can move around the Riviera Maya with total tranquility, always taking the same precautions as in any other place (go through the tourist areas and do not go into the suburbs, at night go accompanied…). It is a place to enjoy it to the maximum with total tranquility!

    It depends on where you use it. If it is in the hotel or in prestigious establishments, there should not be any inconvenience. It is true that there is a lot of card cloning fraud in small establishments in Playa del Carmen.